Injuries from home trampolines worse for children, study finds


According to Christchurch based figures, highlighted in the recently published New Zealand Medical Journal article, children are in fact 200% safer at a Trampoline Park.  "There was a greater number of surgeries performed on those injured on a home trampoline".


The report goes on to show that it is more than double. Further analysis revealed that those aged from 0-14 were significantly less at risk at a Trampoline park, with toddlers (aged 0-4) three times more likely to be injured on a home trampoline


Here at Mega Air, there are no tricky step ladders to climb up and down, no chances of falling off the edge, toddlers cannot walk under a trampoline while others are jumping, and double bouncing to gain additional height/disrupting another jumping is prohibited and strictly monitored. Mega Air provides Toddler-Only sessions throughout the week.


The report was based on statistics from 2016. Our internal investigations at that time deduced that it was the double flip and YOU, THE ADULT, both young and old, which incurred the injuries. Just because you could do it when you were 13 does not not mean you can do it when your 35!



So what did we do about it?

  1. We removed the temptation. The extra trampoline contributing to the additional heights for flipping and somersaults was removed.
  2. We became a SINGLE FLIP ONLY park, regardless of how good one thinks they are. If you can do a double flip in gym, good for you, keep doing them at the gym class - but not here!
  3. We introduced a no second chance rule. Any double flip, attempted or landed, will result in the offender being removed for the park immediately. No exceptions.


The Results?

Well. . . .it's worked. For the past 15 months our record has been exceptional. From time to time, the odd one will still try a double flip, but they are removed. If you want to know who they are . . .just look for the one star reviews we get on Facebook!