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Weekly Dodgeball / Open Court Combo Sessions

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4pm-5pm 12 and under 12 and under 12 and under 12 and under 12 and under
5pm-6pm 15 and under 15 a16 and overnd under 15 and under 15 and under 15 and under
6pm-7pm 16 and over/Adult 16 and overAdult 16 and over/Adult 16 and over/Adult 16 and overAdult
7pm-8pm Adult

 Fitness Class

Dodgeball not available


Fitness Class

Dodgeball not available

8pm-9pm Adult Adult Adult Adult Events


What You Need To Know

These Dodgeball / Free play combo session are designed to give you the best of worlds. Each one hour session provides half an hour of semi-competitive, fully refereed Dodgeball and half an hour free play fun.


Divisions: Under 12, Under 15, Over15, Adult social (mixed), Adult competitive, Girls/boys only

Current Season Dates: January 30th – April 21st 2017 (10 weeks)

Dodgeball Playing Times: Playing times will begin on the hour or on the half hour

Game Times: Games are 28 minutes long (2 x 14 min Halves).

Free Play:  32 minutes, before or after your schdueled Dodgeball game

Cost: $10 per person per hour ( includes 28 minute game time and 32 minutes free play)

Teams: Teams of 6-8 players (up to 2 Substitutions) 


All team members will need to agree to Mega Air terms and conditions. Any team member under the age of 14 requires a parent/legal guardian to agree to the terms and conditions before they will be allowed to play.



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Benefits of Dodgeball

  • A great form of anaerobic exercise: The short bursts of sprinting involved in a game of dodgeball can improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure and pulse, improving circulation and burning calories. In this manner, dodgeball can constitute a form of interval training, with players running for brief periods of time.
  • Increases agility and balance: Players running across a court don’t just run; they also have to dodge balls. This can improve agility as players adjust their bodies at a rapid pace. It can also help players improve their balance.
  • Improves strength training: A standard dodgeball court is 30 feet across, and players must throw large balls a moderate distance to successfully hit members of the other team. This requires strength in the shoulders, back, abs and arms, and repeatedly throwing the ball can help build muscle endurance.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination: Both ball dodgers and ball throwers have to have good hand-eye coordination. To successfully hit other players, throwers need to coordinate their throws not only with the other players’ current location, but also
  • Promotes weight loss: The object of the game is to avoid getting hit so you can stay on the floor and help your team. The longer you stay “alive,” the more calories you’ll burn. According to, a 155-pound person will burn 186 calories during 30 minutes of playing dodgeball.
  • Improves flexibility: When trying to dodge the ball, you are constantly twisting and turning, bending up and down and jumping around. Over time, your flexibility improves, which can also carry over into daily activities as well.
  • Stress reliever: You can feel a bad day slip away bit by bit with every throw. Also, it’s fun! Laughter is the best stress reliever, so get on the court, have fun and laugh out loud.
  • Develops fast reflexes: Dodging a flying ball coming straight at you takes some really fast reflex skills. Working on your reflexive skills can be beneficial while practicing other sports as well.
  • Builds teamwork: Working with your team to take down the opponents is a great way to not only learn and work with others but also gain leadership skills.
  • Fun and uplifting: Dodgeball is also a fun way to meet new people or just enjoy a day of fun with friends and family. Adult leagues in your city can help you grow your social and professional network while staying active.
  • with their anticipated location when the ball lands.